Resources for Raising Children with Active Listening Skills listening parenting

By guest author, Melissa Dean 

Active Listening

When it comes to raising children, one of the best ways they learn is through active listening. A research article on “Develop Thinking and Communication Through Active Listening” identifies attention as the first step in the...

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English for the workplace authentic materials elt english for the workplace listening

By Dorothy Cleary


As I said in my introductory blog, authenticity of materials is one of the key elements in supporting learners to feel confident in New Zealand workplaces.  It is relatively easy to find authentic written materials, and learners who are...

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What is listening? elt listening

by Dr Jeremy Koay


I was once asked to transcribe a 3-minute long news recording. I played the recording and I could fully understand the news. However, when I started transcribing it word for word, I discovered very quickly that some words were not clear. This experience...

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