We create awesome learning experiences.

Our mission is to drive innovation through creating impactful learning experiences and solutions and engaging teaching and learning resources that strengthen and sustain creativity, curiosity and a desire for life-long learning.

Core Team

Our dedicated core team works within the EduMaxi landscape but across international borders to bring our products and services to the world.


Our Operations team takes care of project management, marketing, and customer relations to ensure your project runs seamlessly from start to finish.

Creative Media

Our Creative Media team is a diverse group of artists and dreamers who imagine and create solutions in the ideal medium, and in the most beautiful way.


Our Education team comprises curriculum developers, instructional and learning experience designers, and subject matter experts who ensure we create academically rigorous products & services.


Our Editorial/Publishing team is all about the detail, ensuring that all of the content we create meets international publishing standards and is of the highest quality.


Our Digital and EdTech team work with our Education team to bring ideas to life. The team includes digital developers experienced in e-learning software as well as app, game, and web developers.

Strategic Partners

We know that working with the right people is the key to our success, so when it isn't possible for us to fulfill a role in-house, we choose the best to people to partner with.

Te Reo

The Te Reo Singalong team is passionate about the Maori language and creates extensive resources to enable even preschools without Maori-speaking teachers to start a language program.

Funtime Learning

The Funtime Learning team is a fun-loving group of educators, creatives and performers who are out to make kids smile (while they're learning).


The User Friendly Resources team works tirelessly to produce a wide range of resources that help lighten the load for other teachers and enable them to focus on what they do best: teaching.

Our Value Proposition

In short, EduMaxi makes your team look good, and your customers/users go 'wow'!

EduMaxi's value proposition has the customer and end-user at the centre. Our customers are diverse and usually have specific or unique needs that cannot be addressed by an off-the-shelf solution. The solutions EduMaxi brings to the table not only address these needs and aspirations but also build viable and achievable pathways that help our customers to achieve impactful outcomes.

EduMaxi strives to make a meaningful contribution to the world of learning by helping its customers to achieve a real impact in the lives of their students, learners, and staff. EduMaxi does this by providing not just content but innovative, engaging, and authentic learning experiences.

Our Clients