A preschool program focusing on developing healthy habits of the body and mind.


Design a comprehensive early learning program through which young children are encouraged and supported to develop daily habits that will enrich their lives and help them become successful citizens of the global community they live in.


We created a 4-year Holistic Habits Program aimed at providing teachers, parents, and students with a shared experience of exploring not only the commonly referred to habits of keeping a healthy lifestyle, such as healthy eating, sleeping, and exercising, but also those habits related to social interaction, acceptance of self, development of creativity and care for the environment. We identified 5 key habits and 20 sub-habits and used metaphor and five animal characters to help young children relate to the concepts through songs, stories, classroom activities and I-statements.

Case Studies

Princess Flame's Adventure

An educational program for preschoolers with a narrative-based board game at its core.

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First Touch

A comprehensive package to help parents support early childhood development.

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Bling Kids Star

A feature-rich online English language learning program for early learners.

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A preschool program centred around picture books.

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