First Touch

A comprehensive package to help parents support early childhood development.


Design a high-quality package for parents offering advice and tools that promote English language acquisition and early childhood development during sensitive periods.


We created a selection of storybooks, toys, music, and activity cards carefully designed to promote the development of linguistic, physical, socio-emotional, and cognitive skills in children throughout the first couple years of life. Parents are guided through the sensitive periods experienced by their child and given both direction and flexibility in their use of the resources, helping to foster a deep connection between parent and child.

Case Studies

Princess Flame's Adventure

An educational program for preschoolers with a narrative-based board game at its core.

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A preschool program focusing on developing healthy habits of the body and mind.

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A preschool program centred around picture books.

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Bling Kids Star

A feature-rich online English language learning program for early learners.

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