Our talented team is at the ready to create a variety of audio-visual content, including animation, motion graphics, mixed media, marketing videos, songs, chants, and much more. Give us a full brief or just a seed of an idea and we’re good to go! We cover the entire process so that you don’t have to.


Online Video Lesson

As part of a collaboration with National Geographic Learning and VIPKID, we created a pilot series of experiential STEAM and social studies modules that included online video lessons.


Language Building Video

As part of a program for young learners, we created a series of mixed-media videos to introduce and expand on vocabulary.


Informational Video

As part of a program designed to teach English and presentation skills and expand global perspectives, we developed a series of mixed media videos that introduced countries and cultures around the world through animated characters as well as authentic photographs and footage.

Marketing Videos


Animated Short

As part of an online English program for preschoolers, we created short animated episodes to model key language, each one following a selection of five lovable animal characters.



As part of an educational program for 3-6 year olds, we developed the Letterbots, a mixed-media series designed to introduce young children to the letters and sounds of the English alphabet in a fun, memorable way.


Animated Story

As part of an extensive 4-year English program for primary school aged students in China, we developed characters featuring nearly 150 minutes of interconnected stories and adventures following characters Annie, Bobby, Noah, and Maya.