Odilo Showcase 

8 singalong books for learning English through music

  • Each book has a set of key vocabulary and a repetitive sentence structure.
  • You will see on the second page of each book there is a red panel with the English/Chinese translation of the text.
  • We have 30 books in this series but only 8 are in English.
    • We have translation rights available for most of these if you are interested.

Epic Fantasy

Welcome to the world of Flint and Fern. Set a hundred years into the future, almost unrecognisable to us, this is the first story in an Epic Fantasy series that follows the adventures and learning of a group of young people. 
This story aims to be entertaining yet thought-provoking, hoping to strike a chord with teenagers who are often out of sync with current adult thinking. 

NOTE: We also have the audio files, so this book could easily be turned into an audio book. 

Collection of other titles

This is a random collection of other titles we have available. 

We have full rights for all our titles. So, customization and translation rights are available. 

Kiwi Career Series

These books are country-specific but could be adjusted by removing any reference to New Zealand for countries which offer the same careers. 

This series of readers is aimed at reluctant teenage readers and students who have learning difficulties. Since these students generally have good practical skills, a different practical career features in each book. The books have also been designed to show the links between everyday life and the content taught at school. 

Educational Publications


We have over 300 titles available but not all of them are suitable / have global rights. 

On this bookcase, you will see a few titles as examples of what we have available.  

These titles are specifically aimed at teachers and homeschool parents. They are supplementary curriculum resources that fit most mainstream curricula. 

If this is the type of book you are interested in, we can provide a full catalogue of those titles that are available. 



The two Dramatic Shorts anthologies can be made available with or without the accompanying teaching resources. 

The other drama resources are supplementary teaching resources only.