At EduMaxi, we believe in  changeinnovation and a culture of life-long learning.

We provide innovative, customised and out-of-the box learning and development solutions for a wide range of clients.
Whether you or your organisation needs help brainstorming new ideas, designing and developing new products, managing projects or facilitating development workshops, our team of experts is here to help.
EduMaxi has a wealth of experience working in New Zealand and internationally.
Over more than a decade, we have worked extensively in the Corporate and Education sectors to develop a range of products suited to various age groups – from early childhood right through to adulthood.
We consistently deliver quality results that are on time and to budget.
Through Te Reo Singalong and User Friendly Resources we also publish a wealth of supplemental curriculum resources that support teachers and motivate students to experience learning as a fun and engaging activity.

Our Value

EduMaxi’s value proposition has the customer and end user at the center. Our customers are diverse and usually have very specific or unique needs that cannot be addressed by an off-the-shelf solution. The solutions EduMaxi brings to the table not only address these needs and aspirations but also build viable and achievable pathways that help our customers to achieve impactful outcomes.

EduMaxi strives to make a meaningful contribution to the world of learning by helping its customers to achieve real impact in the lives of their students, learners, and/or staff. EduMaxi does this by providing not just content but innovative, engaging, and authentic learning experiences.   

In short, EduMaxi makes your team look good.

Our Vision


Our Values