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EduMaxi drives change and innovation. We create and deliver awesome learning solutions and experiences for K-12s, tertiary institutions, private education and tutoring centres, as well as corporates. 

Product Development

We develop high quality and customized learning products in both digital and print format. 

Our team of experts are adept at developing innovative learning solutions for niche education contexts. 

Whether you are a small team working together locally or a globally dispersed network of contractors, we have extensive experience in coordinating and managing teams working in education and training, or learning and development contexts.

We work across the board and are renowned for delivering excellent results that are on time and to budget. 

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Instructional Design 

We are specialists in designing innovative learning solutions for niche contexts. 

Our team of instructional design experts are available to help you and your team develop a unique program or product idea that suits your needs.

We will work with you to ensure the product prototype is appealing, effective, and geared towards creating an optimum learning environment, whether that is for early learning, primary, secondarytertiary, or corporate contexts 

We also run instructional design workshops for teams of all sizes.

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We help organisations to develop effective learning and digital engagement strategies for their education and development projects. 

With over ten years experience in designing, planning and implementing innovative learning and development solutions, the team at EduMaxi are perfectly positioned to advise both corporate teams and education providers at any stage in their product development.


We help educational institutions navigate the technology landscape and identify islands of opportunity.


We help businesses develop innovative digital strategies that will engage and grow their customer base.


We work with teams to plan and implement strategies for digital change.


We have extensive experience in project management within the context of education and L&D. 


We support entrepreneurs to realize their vision through mentoring, coaching and/or financial support. 

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We facilitate engaging, practical, results-driven learning experiences for teams of all sizes. 

Sample topics include: 

Communication skills for a post-COVID world using TetraMap(R) as a model, tool, framework, and approach

Agile Instructional design

Design thinking

Developing a digital engagement framework 

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Educational Publishing 

We are a New Zealand owned educational publisher with more than 350 titles for early childhood, primary, and secondary school students and teachers. 

Our multi-award winning Te Reo Singalong series currently has 26 titles available as well as an online school subscription model and all books in interactive, digital format.

We also provide supplementary curriculum and teacher support materials to teachers in NZ and internationally through User Friendly Resources.  Most resources are black-line masters and come with a photocopiable license.

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