With over ten years experience in designing, planning and implementing innovative learning and development solutions, the team at EduMaxi are perfectly positioned to advise both corporate teams and education providers at any stage in their product development.


Our areas of expertise:

Education Technology (EdTech)

We help organisations to navigate the changing EdTech landscape and show them ways that they might benefit from using educational technologies.

Digital Engagement

We help businesses to develop innovative digital strategies that engage their customer base with new digital products.

Digital Change Management

We work with educational institutions and schools to plan for digital change and support tutors and teachers through that change.

Chinese Education Market Insights

We’ve been conducting market research and provided market guides for a number of key clients who wanted to break into the education market in China.  We have also worked with teams from well-known brands who already had an educational product that had to be customized and localised for the Chinese market.

Small Business development

We support entrepreneurs to realize their vision through mentoring, coaching and/or financial support

ESOL Expertise

We provide consultancy services in the area of ESOL – English for Speakers of Other Languages.


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