What We Do

EduMaxi drives change and innovation

We provide innovative, customized and out-of-the box learning and development solutions for a wide range of education projects.


Whether you  need help brainstorming new ideas, designing and developing new learning or education products, managing projects or facilitating development workshops, our team of experts are here to help.


We have a wealth of experience working in both New Zealand and internationally, particularly within the Chinese education market


We help organisations to develop effective learning and digital engagement strategies for their education and development projects.

Instructional Design

We create innovative and customized learning design solutions for niche contexts. Our experience extends across all education sectors and within corporate environments.

Product Development

We develop high quality and customized learning products in both digital and print format.

Project Management

We co-ordinate and manage projects and teams in various settings – including in-house, outsourced, virtual and actual. We are also renowned for our ability to deliver projects on time and to budget.


We facilitate engaging learning experiences for corporate teams that are both practical and results-driven.

Our Projects

Over the past ten years, EduMaxi has worked extensively in the ELT and corporate sector. We have also developed a range of learning products and new curriculums suited to various age groups – from early childhood right through to primary and high school level, and beyond. A selection of our projects can be viewed below.



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