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Holistic Habits


Consultancy, Product Development and Training


2014 – 2016


Cognition Education, Wellington [www.cognitioneducation.com]


We all know that it’s not always easy to learn a new habit, but it might even be more difficult to unlearn a bad habit.

Therefore, what better time to learn good habits than in the early years of life! The Holistic Habits Program provides a structured approach to taking “small steps toward big results.” It covers a continuum of concepts – not only the mechanical habits of eating, exercise, and sleeping that we are familiar with, but also habits that relate to children’s ability to make good choices in life, to interact positively with others, and to value the world around them.

This program is “holistic” because it recognizes that children’s academic learning is inextricably linked to their social, emotional, and physical well-being and learning. The program provides a well-balanced curriculum, which integrates with all aspects of daily life and takes account of children’s current interests, strengths, and needs.

Through the implementation of this program, we touch the lives of many young children, allowing them to explore and experience success and to understand the value and positive consequences of learning good habits.